Our services come with full commitment and enthusiasm to delivering transparent information, value-added consultation and the most relevant content.

Value marketing

At Solar Media we believe in adding value to all our stakeholders by producing authoritative content. We work very hard to identify latest technologies, relevant market information, pertinent opinion leaders and innovators. We believe that a joint effort with the intentions of driving the solar industry forward will generate significant benefits to all our stakeholders and permanently foster our well-constructed value network.

Print Advertising

Our portfolio offers a variety of options for print advertising, depending on the desired target markets and audiences of our clients. We provide customised solutions ranging from reprints, product reviews, chapter sponsorship and ad placements to selected editorial opportunities. We have an in-house design department that can assist our clients with their requirements if requested.

Solar Media works with carefully selected print companies in order to meet the highest print standards possible. By implementing a continuous monitoring process and dialogue with our service partners we can confirm integrated quality assurance for each individual print run.

We pride ourselves on the quality of each of our publications and therefore we take extra care in ensuring that all delivery and packaging services conform to the highest industry standards.

Online Advertising

Our online portfolio offers numerous opportunities for highly targeted online advertising through web or newsletter banner placements, company directory listings, product reviews, job postings and event calendar placements. We are extremely proud of the ever-growing success of our web products and always provide transparency regarding the latest web statistics on a monthly basis.

Regardless of your geographical region of interest, we can provide solid channels to all parts of the world and help you to reach your specific target audience and maximize your return on investment. Our sales team will happily collaborate with you to establish the most lucrative solution for your brand to enable you to realise your marketing objectives by advertising in front of real customers. Furthermore, our dedicated Web Solutions Department can assist with your specific design requirements if needed.

Specialist Recruitment

Building and retaining strong relationships with our clients is a key objective of all our corporate operations. Given our high level of experience and proficiency, we are in a strong position to introduce the right candidates to the right businesses.

Solar Media can help you to recruit the most sought-after contenders using our myriad contacts across a wide range of international companies and business sectors throughout the entire PV supply chain. Our distinctive approach to recruitment is structured on comprehensive screening, open communication with clients and potential candidates and enriched by our in-depth knowledge of the PV industry of our consultants.

This truly personalised service approach will ensure that only relevant candidates will be put forward to guarantee that you find the perfect match that will make a difference to your business!

Event Promotion

Given the current overload of industry-related events in the UK, we have set ourselves a target of creating events that set us apart from the rest and make the crucial difference to each party involved.

We set our primary focus on unique and significant content, which we attest through steadfast research and our global in-house industry experience. Our close partnerships with the decisive industry associations worldwide offer us essential support for the evaluation and subsequent acquisition of the most renowned speakers to cover the identified subject areas.

Through close cooperation with as many reputable industry bodies as possible, we set ourselves the aim of amassing all the pivotal decision-makers in order to drive the PV industry forward and add value to all stakeholders involved.

One of our strongest assets is the enhanced focus on numerous networking opportunities in a relaxed, sophisticated and well-thought-out business environment in order to furnish the ideal conditions for your business-development targets.

By sponsoring, exhibiting or attending our events you can rest assured that you are in attendance at the PV industry gathering with the highest percentage of decision-makers in the UK.

Video Coverage

If you are enticed by the prospect of conveying a highly influential message through the medium of video, we have all the tools in place to meet your needs. Across our portfolio, we provide the platforms as well as the audience to seed your video content to global PV professionals in a variety of segments across the entire supply chain.

Our packages include scripting, filming and editing as well as final promotion of the video based on your target criteria. We can help you to attract potential customers and to create associations with leading blue-chip companies in the PV industry worldwide.

Our carefully-selected film crew (ex-BBC) has been working with us for over three years. The crew’s professionalism guarantees a high degree of proficiency across all levels ranging from communication, execution and editing to the final product.

Strategic Advertising Consultancy

All our sales consultants have worked in the industry for a number of years and boast a profound knowledge of the global photovoltaic market. Share your business targets and marketing objectives with us and we will consult with you to determine the best method of spending your advertisement budget with us, thereby achieving your business goals.

Furthermore, we will always make sure that you get the best value for your money and talk you through all the opportunities available. We have a wide range of products covering the entire photovoltaic supply chain and take pleasure in assisting you to identify the most valuable advertising means for your business.